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Reviews for "Epic Stand"

Generally fun game. One problem I found was that you can't get all of the upgrades at once. It is good that you can reset what you've chosen so you can try different combos, but it would also be nice to have the chance to get everything.

Good game. Unless I missed something got to level 8 and could not kill assassins without restarting (I had not bought the golem spell and they never breached the first floor so they were unkillable as they walked back and forth.)

genyuk responds:

Assassins could be derived from invisibility by using "Fear" spell ;-)

It was a really good game. But I did think that your attacks were a little weak. It was almost impossible for me to keep the hoard from getting through the first two floors. Therefore I could not gain power ups to actually be able to get anywhere. It stopped being fun. Games should be hard, but attainable.

Very well balanced. The difficulty ramped up appropriately and it was challenging but not impossible. The graphics are well done as well.

I would like to see more spell upgrdes in the future and more mana upgrades as well.

Seeing as how u cant unlock all trees because of the limited stars, Makes it a little challenging for the last fight.