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Reviews for "Epic Stand"

That was actually a pretty good challenge. There was just a bit of strategy combined with lots of button mashing. I would have liked to have been able to reach more upgrades before beating it though.

P.s. Scull can be found under the description for Normal mode on every level. In fact its in that section twice :)

genyuk responds:

Thanks for "scull" bug report ;-)

Pretty neat game, spaming kinda alot... howabout removing the cooldown and instead make it a matter of regen? atleast on your main dmg spell or something.
Buyable items(bought by gold, earned by killing enemy-units) having influece on your mages stats (like cooldwon reduction, manaAmount, manaRegen etc. would be great for the follow up =))
Bug i found: if you cast fear right in the moment an enemyUnit enters to get to the next lvl of your castle, obviously on the right floor, the unit disapears for your spells, but not for your guards.
Your guards can't kill em, they still do dmg (like laying bombs or hitting guards) however, the Level finishes without you having to kill those invincible units

Gl and hf making Epic Stand II

genyuk responds:

Thanks for good words ;-) We going to implement buyable items in the second part!

The game was pretty fun, but provoked a lot of mouse-bashing, in hopes of getting another frostbolt out before those goblins dropped another bomb. I did encounter a glitch, though. One goblin appeared that didn't have a health bar, despite the many times I hit him with frostbolts/horsemen, and the knights/rock golems completely ignored him, allowing him to completely blow up my castle.

this is pretty good but pretty hard

Pretty painful, you have to mouse bash to win and it hurts... is hard to get points to upgrade, but funny, if you add another tower, even if they capture the first one... you still receiving 3 points... but there is not enough levels to upgrade it all, and you can't replay to get extra upgrades.. and to finish, you can't bring your upgrades to the first levels..

But I could pass, so it's not terrible.. had fun with it... like the units and story..