Reviews for "Hoofball"

Fun little game, Dash is very hard to beat but still had some fun wandering aimlessly around and talking to the ponies.

Donitz responds:

Glad you liked it! There may be a few secrets in there too

I don't know how I let this game slip by me for the longest time. I'm surprised it doesn't have more views. Perhaps it wasn't hyped up as much as Story of the Blanks?

Much like with your other games, I love how you always tend to have some semi-creepypasta content put in, like it's a hidden treat. I wonder if you were going to have more to the glitch pony and hidden cave area? The hidden Mario platformer section made me think of Luna Game. Hell, with the creepy music, I was expecting Pinkie, or Surprise to come at me with a knife or something.

The main game itself was fairly difficult, though I eventually found a way to win somehow; even against Surprise. I figured that if I could get two goals in on Pinkie Pie without her scoring, no matter what, Surprise will always get the first goal in. And when you do have the ball, just get lucky. As for the ending, was there going to be something more?

Overall, very nice game. Reminds me that I should probably actually do something at some point.

very good game, i think the glirch pony is angel ._. ...

This Is A Great Game! I Can't Seem To Beat Scootadash Though