Reviews for "Hoofball"

I beat rainbow dash, then applejack kicked my ass... Then I started roaming, tried to find Angel for Fluttershy, went into the forest maze, and then I went into some creepy ass cave... for a second there I thought it'd be story of the blanks... then I somehow got out, and then I managed to find myself in some mario-esque stage... nothing was really scary but with my experience from your last game I kept jumping at every slight change in this game... now I'm wondering just how much "extra" stuff did you pack in here? D:

Fun little game, Dash is very hard to beat but still had some fun wandering aimlessly around and talking to the ponies.

Donitz responds:

Glad you liked it! There may be a few secrets in there too

A lot better than I expected! A bit annoying that you start off at the very beginning if you lose, though. Still, a fun little thing! I'm not so sure about the music or the sound effects, but there's some definite potential here for a super fun game. Reminds me some of Super Dodgeball, which I'm sure is a bit intended. Also, there's a black outline around the upper two goalposts. I'm also a bit confused as to why you went with Derpy Hooves instead of Spike for referee, but that's not really an issue or anything.

Donitz responds:

The goalposts in the background are used on the first plane, which means they replace the grass tiles (right click and enable editor and you'll see what I mean). I didn't draw a grassy outline around the posts.

I could have gone with Spike, but I didn't have a dragon template finished from before.

Fun and challenging. Couldn't get passed the second tier my first time around. Rainbow Dash is a surprisingly (albeit appropriately) aggressive first opponent. The graphics are neat, a deliberate step up from Story of the Blanks, very SNESish.

My only gripe is at first it seemed the player controlled Sweetie Bell along with Apple Bloom when the ball reached a certain point, then I realized it's actually AI (decent AI, too). This caused a few loses, however, due to Apple Bloom jumping at the same time and ricocheting the ball into her own goal. Including a bit of text saying "Sweetiebell is smart enough to block the ball on her own," or something like that would be helpful. Just a thought.

I was running around for like 10 minutes before I realized what I was supposed to be doing, lol. Looks and feels like a real SNES game.