Reviews for "Hoofball"

Great game! Beating Surprise was a little hard, but not too bad. Liked the different secrets, but what is this book minigame I can see?

i hate creepy stuff, but i was pulled in so well by this... i see everyone found what i found. except the second derpy. anyone find her? Cuz i did. which actually started making my mind melt with imagination as to whats actually happening at this innocent hoofball game ;_;

I don't know how I let this game slip by me for the longest time. I'm surprised it doesn't have more views. Perhaps it wasn't hyped up as much as Story of the Blanks?

Much like with your other games, I love how you always tend to have some semi-creepypasta content put in, like it's a hidden treat. I wonder if you were going to have more to the glitch pony and hidden cave area? The hidden Mario platformer section made me think of Luna Game. Hell, with the creepy music, I was expecting Pinkie, or Surprise to come at me with a knife or something.

The main game itself was fairly difficult, though I eventually found a way to win somehow; even against Surprise. I figured that if I could get two goals in on Pinkie Pie without her scoring, no matter what, Surprise will always get the first goal in. And when you do have the ball, just get lucky. As for the ending, was there going to be something more?

Overall, very nice game. Reminds me that I should probably actually do something at some point.

I really really really liked this game. It's very fun to play Hoofball, and it actually was a lot of fun to beat Surprise. She is tough, but not unbeatable. I managed her Perfect Score, 3 to nothing.

But anyways, I really want to complement you. The style is very sweet and everything was a fun to explore. Only problem: The ponies walk very slowly. I'm not talking a bout giving the super speed, but a little faster would be nice.

The Mario was weird and unexpected and the music quite unnerving. Not sure what to say about that. Even after 10 min of search, I could not find the Cave on where to look for Angel.

BUG: Whenever I try to talk to Fluttershy, her speechbubble becomes somehow "automatic". After her first sentence and I press "Z", she starts to talk automatically and pressing Z does nothing. Also, I can walk around while the speechbubble is still active, though it blocks my view if I walk behind it. I do not know if this was intended or not, so I am stating it here

Very much fun for me 5/5

Well, i really have no idea what to say. This is my first review on this site, so ill just make it clean and simple.

I wandered around for a bit, just checking things out and i found some cool things. The main "Game" of the whole thing was actually pretty fun, although i really could not beat Surprise no matter how hard i tried. I couldn't get the ball away from her. So, after about fifteen times of getting my flank handed to me by a super saiyan esque Pinkie, i went and frolicked through the field... Only to find myself in this Mario stage. The stage itself was easy, platforming wise, but the music creeped me out.

And now, the thing i REALLY want to comment on. That... Cave. What EXACTLY happened? I went to look for angel... i found angel... and then... WOW. Now, im stuck, im surrounded by at least... fifty randomly flashing ponies, almost ghost like, and random letters and number tiles surrounding me, along with a really glitchy light. Is this supposed to happen? I remember that you also had made Story of the Blanks, so im assuming that this is sort of... Oh, i don't know... a taste of whats to come if you are planning a sequel? Either way, i cant get out now so i would like an explanation if that's okay.

As for the Hoofball game, the controls were pretty good. We walked at a good pace ,and though it seemed to me that the AI could jump JUST a little higher than i could. And that made it seem sort of unfair to me at times, especially when i couldn't exactly get the ball when it was between me and the goalie. And, as i said before... Surprise? Cant beat her. Nope. No way. Impossible.

So as an ending statement from a Brony... Well, thank you for putting this here! It was fun while it lasted. Although, PLEASE tell me what the buck was with that cave. I swear, next time i see a cave, i wont be able to NOT think about this. It. IS. CREEPY!