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Reviews for "Worlds' Guard"

Really bad upgrading damage does nothing even to the first monster . This game made me mad of how much it sucks

Couldn't get better than bronze past level 2. grenades suck balls. Why the hell does a laser poison them? The best strategy i found was 1 laser, 2 rockets, 1 electric, in that order along the map. Laser preferably anywhere they double back.

Might have been fun if the towers werent so weak, the upgrades werent so expensive, and it wasnt so damn impossible.

Generic... extremely generic. A game like this can only possibly be appreciated as a way to thoughtlessly waste time, but even for that purpose, it would need an upgrade system that persists from level to level. The music was repetitive, too.

Considering how many superior TD games there are I really can't see Worlds Guard getting anything higher than half a star.

The graphics and concept are uninspired, the guns and upgrades are poorly balanced, the enemies are boring, and there's just not a lot WG brings to the table that you can't get in other TD games.