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Reviews for "Worlds' Guard"

medium game. only is very repetitive

I'm not going to say the game is bad per say - it all looks very nice in general but it's just so samey. I mean there is certainly something to say for the tower defence genre and how complacent it has become. There really isn't anything here that'll distinguish it the dozens of other ones out there.

meh its good. i mean thers not much separating it from other TD games...but i like TD games. Lost interest though when enemies got harder and harder and started to be able to regenerate back large amounts of health and much more difficult coarses and i still had the same amount of money and same weapons to try and stop them...kinda hit an impass. (and please dont say strategy..im beginning to think people here dont know the meaning of the word)

This was an OK game, but that's the problem as well.
When i play TD games. I expect something to hold my interest. but this did not. There was nothing that stood out, everything was average and because of that it was boring.
The graphics were nice and the music, while uninteresting, was good too, but again the game was boring overall

Im surprised It got Daily 2ed place. It's just like any other Tower D game..