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Reviews for "Worlds' Guard"

this is a pretty good TD man keep it up


The game is well done and well coded. Fun factor is high too!

Like, Legiro pointed out, you can win almost all levels by just spamming MACHINE GUNs (MG). In levels where available spaces are scarce, just spam ELECTRIC GUNS (EG). Gold medal every time.

In short these two guns are the best and probably the only ones worth investing. Fully upgraded EGs are so powerful but still doesn't beat the MG spam exploit.

I had fun playing.
So the game is cool. =)

I enjoyed playing; it got to be pretty challenging when the enemies started getting health back. I liked the animation and sound. I personally wish there were a few more weapons. I also wished that the waves didn't start until I was ready, but that is just a matter of preference.

All of this game is great but the only problem is that the tower was too weak
A bit hard to play