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Reviews for "Worlds' Guard"

What else somebody want other than a Perfect game like this???
Very fun and entertaining for all the family :D

5/5 Rated
5/5 Stars

i think the best is still pokemon tower defense and it is on newgrounds

A solid fun game. With simpel choises but still with differende ways to finish. I like the good difficulty level that makes you think but still it's fun. The uppgrade tree is perfect. 3 choices but done your way. Music is cathy and "action driven". The game is very good but chould be better with small uppgrades. Like kill/mobs mana/special attacks. This option chould help in difficult situations. Or maybe a hero tower that you can take with you to next level and place in strategic place that will assure your victory. I really liked this game. It stand out from all "tries" to make good tower defense game. Cheers for you mate.

just played it straight thru for 6 hours... For TD its a damn good game... I would recommend this game to anybody looking for a tower defense game to play. Its extremely challenging and and I love that its completely strategy based..

All of this game is great but the only problem is that the tower was too weak
A bit hard to play