Reviews for "Traitor"

Good game.
I remember the good times when the games hardore are all with cool spaceships.
Loved the way you put some RPG to the recipe.
Keep the amazing work man.

One of the finest vertical shooters with an good story,
It felt like a flight shooter version of K.O.L.M.
The only complaint i have is i cant see the top and bottom edges of the screen at the same time(even in a popup window).
I have to pause the game and then scroll up/down to see the health/area.

Other than that it was flawless. I would love to see a sequel.

sonicsamuri, you hit the button labeled "start mission" ok, ok.

Awesome game! It was a really enjoyable shooter, and there aren't many like it. Love the graphics.

..... Beautiful. just plain beautiful. the art, the story, the difficulty curve, the concept.