Reviews for "Traitor"

good game, but I think I'm stupid or something...how in the world do you buy the upgrades that are in the menu?

I think the opening needs work. The player's character should have checked the holds of those cargo ships to see what they were really carrying - that seems like common sense, especially if the options are to blow them up or to disobey an order. And then the part after that (and therefore the entire premise of the game) doesn't make any sense if the player chooses to destroy all the cargo ships as ordered, which I did, lacking any evidence to back up their claim of medical supplies (lying is even easier than is turning to piracy). There are some signs that they could have been telling the truth once you get to Occator Prime, but that's much too late, especially if one works from left to right on the map. The player is also eventually exposed to a lot of evidence of the Hegemony's evilness, though its side of the story isn't really represented at all.

Anyway, the game is pretty good, though not exactly innovative. I do appreciate the quality writing/dialogue. The game seemed to become laggy and less responsive more quickly than usual, but it's hard to tell if that's just my computer or not. Now I'm getting towards the end and it's getting more repetitive (though I haven't even discovered mining yet), so I think I'll finish later, but certainly not a bad game.

Nice game!

I love space action games a lot!

Playing this reminds me of many great coin op games I grew playing as a kid.
You guys give Astro Blaster and Astro Fighter a run for their money!

cool game but i make my mistake pressing the new button and all data been deleted :((((

Great game and good gameplay. Love it!