Reviews for "Traitor"

The story is really what kept me playing this game. It wasn't very challenging once upgrades were brought into the equation, but I kept on playing just so that I could read more about the universe.

I'm also amazed that this game was created with Stencyl. Bravo.

not too good

Amazing, beautiful game. This is what I call a masterful piece of art. Hope to see more games from you. Keep it up!

bad game

Awesome game with an epic story! Really liked it!
However i can't get the 3rd secret medal,(don't know what it is) and 250 reputaion, i had 245 reputation and the only missions left were the endgame mission(it says you get 50 rep but if you beat it no rep is awarded) the mining mission, no rep either and the scanning mission (replayable and no reputaion) How can i get the last 5 reputation points