Reviews for "Traitor"

This game is fantastic. Wonderful RPG shoot-em up (if a bit easy in the latter 1/3rd of the game) with a compelling if simple story. Had me hooked for hours across 3 days to finish. Only constructive criticisms I have are to make the mid-late game a but harder (which can be difficult for a non-linear game) and maybe put in different kinds of weapon upgrades.

Great music, beautiful graphics, amazing storyline. 5/5 I would love to see a sequel to this!

Great game, as usual. There's only one achievement I haven't gotten, and it's the third one on the bottom row, one of the only two achievements not listed in the game. Is it an achievement for calling each ally? If so, it's impossible for me to get. There are only 3 missions available at the end of the game. Two of them don't allow allies, and the other one ends the game before going back to the map screen where you'd get the achievement.

Really didn't like the false choice there at the transport level. I shoot them all down, ignoring their cries and then you still force me to rebel? Why give someone the choice if you're just going to railroad them for it?

The story is really what kept me playing this game. It wasn't very challenging once upgrades were brought into the equation, but I kept on playing just so that I could read more about the universe.

I'm also amazed that this game was created with Stencyl. Bravo.