Reviews for "Traitor"

it was good but when i came back to finish getting all the acheivments my save data was gone thus making me restart the whole game

So, this is a great game. The graphics were unique and added to the atmosphere of the game. The storyline was one of the better ones I've come across in my gaming experience: a very amazing clam for a flashgame. Good use of an old platform to make something new. The other comments about the game being to easy at the end I disagree with. in 2nd to last battle you had to pick which enemies to kill rather just just killing them all (those T shaped things that released 3 spheres from the bottom took a lot of hits so you couldn't get them all) thus i dont think the final upgrades are as OP as they seem to make it. So, yeah, 5 stars! lol doesnt mean anything couldn't be better of course (such as the last boss battle, the clone of yourself doesnt go on the very edge of the screen making him easy to defeat- just go to the edge and regen HP if you run low then go back to fighting). All in all though, a very good game.

great graphics

this is very boreing to me.

too slow...
it get boring fast