Reviews for "Traitor"

This may be the best game on Newgrounds. I lost count of how many times I have played this game. The story and gameplay are both great. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that it's too short. I really wish there was more to do in this game; that would be awesome.

It's certainly a very good game, just not the kind of game I get into very well.

Traitor has more than good shooting mechanics. The art style screams "old school," and the reputation system makes it feel like your actions matter in the world. There's enough of a story for me to care about, but it doesn't drown out the other elements. Too much detail and exposition would have made this game less fun. The verdict: a well-crafted retro shooter that keeps players busy for hours.

A pretty good game. I like it because of the story and its length. There are many missions so I kept playing until I beat this game. Its not that hard though. [(Its a good thing that its)Not very frustrating too.

2 words: Epic game.

History, gameplay, upgrades. This game, sir, is awesome. And because of that, you are awesome.
Hope I see more games like this in the future!