Reviews for "Traitor"

Brilliant man. One of the best game I've played. Excellent story.

The game acts as if it's sending more of a message than it actually is. The Latin phrase in the end was more funny than anything.
The story is cartoonish. The villains could be twisting their moustaches over a roasting baby-fire, and the hero is a brave soul who dared to dream in a cruel world (melodramatics). The game is not in any way sending a meaningful message.
As a game it's damn fine, but the story is just completely pretentious. Well, when there's exposition outside of a quest dialogue. Otherwise there isn't much story at all, short of "Bad Thing X isn't nice, go shoot Bad Thing X for us".

you need to incorporate a brake or a way to slow down. excellent vector graphics by the way. vectrex quality.

A fantastic game. A driving plot and great gameplay make this seem like less of a flash game and more like a console or pc game. Keeps me up well past midnight playing this game as it is such a gripping game.

In its own unique way, this game is simply perfect. The most surprising aspect of this game is that it's a story driven vertical shooter. Furthermore, this game has the best story of any shooter game I have ever played. By the end of the game, I really feel that my actions have made an enormous difference. The gameplay is also good, even if it is a little bit limited. Personally, I wolud have it if the game had multiple weapon types( such as a scattering shot or a laser that pierces through multiple enemy ships). However, that's just a personal preference of mine, and I think that it shouldn't affect the game's score. The upgrade system was a very nice touch, as it helped keep the game interesting. The graphics are good. They make the game look like a retro space shooter, and for that, I like them. Lastly, the music is very good. Overall, this is a an original game that is perfect for what it is. Congratulations!