Reviews for "Traitor"

Really great game :) Story line was great, retro style worked really well!!

Im looking forward to seeing what you bring out next :)

Good game overall, but it didn't offer much in the way of other types of missions. I would expect that from a top down shooter in space, but a tad more variety wouldn't hurt in any way, shape, or form.

Awesome game. I felt like it could have used more depth in customization rather than just having linear upgrades. That would allow for more replayability. Also, while the graphics were cool, I'd prefer more details and animation. Overall, this was a great game well worth hours spent.

i like all the retro and everything and it sorta reminds me of Galaga

I think this is a wonderful game. Most levels, or quests, aren't too challenging, however it provides a nice break from the chaos when you just want to fly arround. Also I enjoy the two infinity-replay levels for just that reason. The story is easy to follow and one you don't need to think hard on where you were if you choose to put down the game and pick it up again. Also, it was a nice fact that each area had it's own story, it's own personality. It really showed communities and diversities.

The only thing I wish there was in this game is a picture of the different people. With so much thought, care and imagination gone already into the game, I wonder what you picture the people to look like.

Lastly, for anyone who finds the last level, or endgame level, hard, I have a tip I'd like to post here. I am also posting this in case it was a flaw, so that JonasKyratzes will be aware of it for next time:

When you fight the boss of the Endgame ( the ship that looks like you) you can always head to the north-west corner of the screen. With the path of the boss, he (or she) never reaches there. So you can use your regeneration ability to recharge. He has no tech, so don't worry about that.