Reviews for "Traitor"

The game is impossible to play. :( The window is bigger then the browser, entering fullscreen disables X button for some reason, plus this weird control issue in Firefox (changed to IE to face even bigger window).
Really intriguing, though. Added it to favourites to play later, if it gets optimised.

WTF?!? Not enough reputation to 5 points Achievement ... I am upset ((

This really kept me going the whole time, got every upgrade, rarely had to redo missions. Though the last couple gave me troubles with something that felt more broken than challenging. The wall type enemies with the black wall type things to their rears were next to impossible to kill fully upgraded, and when they doubled up there was a 95% chance you were gonna get hit by it. Otherwise fun, gripping game.

it is awsome cause i really love games with upgrades

I like this game a lot. It really gives you a feeling that if you were not just sitting in front of the computer playing it you could definitely make a positive impact on your world. Thanks Jonas!