Reviews for "Traitor"

Awesome game. I've had the tab open since it was game of the week. Haha...finally beat it.

The game is well polished and extremely put well together. The story was adequete and the missions provided both a challenge and fun. While although I give this 5 stars, my only negative about this game is some of the enemy placement is, in a way, too cluttered especially near the end but since it wasn't impossible to survive being impacted by some of the enemies (especially the ones that seem to be impossible to not run into even when you are fully upgraded). This negative though is very minimal though and it did not ruin the experience at all. Great game!

surprisingly deep! great game

This was one of the best flash games i ever played.It also reminded me of space invaders.

The game is impossible to play. :( The window is bigger then the browser, entering fullscreen disables X button for some reason, plus this weird control issue in Firefox (changed to IE to face even bigger window).
Really intriguing, though. Added it to favourites to play later, if it gets optimised.