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Reviews for "COS:MS2"

BD awesome

It's pretty good, it's a shame I suck so bad at playing it with a laptop with no mouse, but overall, I like it.

I think it's great to play a game with medals where the medals are actually working! My only complaint is that you have to start all the way from the beginning to beat the game if you die once! Granted, it's an easy game, but that can still get frustrating. There could have been a lot more work on the graphics, because they weren't that good. At least everyone was presented in a fairly clear cut manner. It's probably the first game I've played with medals that had points and ones that didn't.

The ones without them didn't have descriptions. Whatever weird scenario caused this to happen, it all adds up to a pretty good game. It could have used more detail and shading would make it a lot better, too. It has a fairly cool title at least. It's a very standard stick game that doesn't stand out that much, but still playable.

I wish i had a creeper c4 too..

lmb- left mouse button u moron!