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Reviews for "Cellar Door"

The game was good. I found 8.

It was very difficult to figure out how to get around. The area was confusing and the controls made it more confusing. There were too many options available. In a picture, there may be 2 doors, plus a hallway, plus a window, but only one is a real path. Often when I would turn around (the circular arrows) the view was different than I was expecting. Even in the straight hallways, if you turn around, the hallway looks very different, which makes it confusing. You come out a door, but you'd turn around and the door wouldn't be there. In the room with the girl, when you re-enter, you have to go to the back of the room before you can turn around to go back out. Sometimes I'd go somewhere, but I'd turn around to go back, and I'd end up in a completely different place. For example, I went up the stairs, but when I came down the stairs, it was a different place than when I started going up. Also, sometimes I'd click on the stairs and get nothing but I'd click on the wall and go up the stairs.

The pictures were often too different when moving somewhere or moving closer to something, which made it confusing. To get the marble in the hole in the floor, you see the hole, you move closer to the hole, then you see the marble in the hole, which is good because it was the same hole in 3 views: far hole, closer to the hole, and inside the hole. To get the marbles in the mousehole in the left stall, you see two stalls with pipes and click the left one. You click on a hole and you get a new view, but the place you clicked didn't look like a hole, so suddenly you're in some new place and you don't know where or how you got there.

The idea and sound was good. The screamer in the right stall (opposite the stall with the 2 marbles) was annoying. I should get a marble as reward for being screamed at. The face on the other side of the pipe got me. Good one there.

What really sours this game is the navigation. It's so easy to get lost and difficult to get around quickly, and to keep a good idea of where you are and how you got there, and how to get back. I hope this all makes sense to you, as you know how the game is laid out and where everything is. Someone who reads this might not understand it until after they've played a few times.

This is a good idea, and I look forward to playing the next revision.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thank you very much for your review!
We always appreciate constructive criticism.
We are aware of the problems you are describing, but we chose to publish the game nonetheless, as it is merely an early beta test for some elements.
And congratulations on finding eight marbles, you're getting close to the high score!