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Reviews for "Cellar Door"

I think I've had the most disturbing real life experience in a video game so far. I say "real life in a video game", because as soon as I entered a random number on the phone my REAL phone started ringing inmediately. lol I couldn't believe it! What are the odds of that happening?

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

That is really spooky...!

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway...

I can't really do anything because the starting screen creeped me out, out of curiosity I'm just waiting the time to run out.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

LOL - nice! Did you ever get up the nerve to actually play the game? :)

Blah-blah-blah...movement.Blah-blah-b lah...story.Thats what she said!
I say it needs some more random events like self opened doors,falling objects from shells and other paranormal activity.
3.5 coz i know you guys can do better.Go for it!

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hmm... Thanks for the suggestions! :)

This has got to be the scariest game I have ever played, and compare to the other flash games I have seen, it is nothing compare to this!! In the beginning, I was already afraid and throughout I have not gain a single courage :P This game is awesome!!

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thanks! :)

Playing this, with skullcandys. Had too much caffeine, twichy enough as is (Work night shift, been up 24+ hours).
Think I may go have a lie down, as am physically shaking and feeling ill :P
Mission acomplished? xD
(the bit that really got to me was the windowsill bit... im glad its not just me who feels that way when I see open windows,)

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hehe, definitely mission accomplished.
Maybe we should issue a warning not to play while under the influence of skull candies and caffeine...? ;)
Glad you like the window bit - we do, too.