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Reviews for "Cellar Door"

As for a game, you said It was "A Digital Entertainment" and yes it definitely beat the goal
I am incredibly impress with the mechanics, it's somewhat the software use to mage google maps person view, witch is great! because it's very original, since almost no game uses this mechanics, as for the game core mechanics, you go visiting the house, finding objects. So there it is, as well as a time limit dispense by the music, that lets you know if you are running out of time, It was challenging, confusing and puzzle like. I am impress you gat all the images of the house great work!
The music, and the style gave it an incredible amount of perception and depth!
It sure was the best scary game i plaid, yea i been in scary games but this one made my hair spike up, my hear beat increase, and the incredible sound effects, and effects over-all!
I Found 2 icons on the top-right corner of the screen, the circle looking one just ended the game, and the pause did not let me click because the cursor of the game interfere with it.
Im not sure what this really is for but yea throwing it out there .
Also a map, or Something to rely on would be great, it would give it a more of a sense of location and where you are located, but this definitely gave it a Hardcore gaming feel to it.
Take in mind Many game-developers only make games and not care about their audience, it is horrible that is the main key to succeed, if the fans love you, they will love your work as well!
if something is found, bugs, or any ideas from fans then write back!, that let us know you care as much as we do, and by saying that you will take in mind on next projects give us a sense of achievement, And i seen that you have been doing that, unlike others! GREAT!!
that's how to win man
Keep up great work

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hi, stormblaz - thanks for the response! We're glad you liked the game!
As you've probably read, we're checking on the pause button. As for adding a map - that would kind of ruin all the wonderful confusion of being lost in a haunted house. ;)
We really appreciate your comments - and yeah, of course we want to listen to the players - you guys are the reason we make digital entertainment, so your opinions really count.

NOPE not doing this i jump too easily not even clicking wake up NOPE XD

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hehe, scaredy-pants... ;)

i luv this game,scared the shit out of me but the time limit is too short,did u guys no that this is the basement from the blair witch project?that is some scary shit right dere

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Is it really? Cool!
We're glad the game scared you, and it sounds like you like it enough to want to spend more time in our scary little world - great!!

I liked the scenery, the artwork was extremely well done, even the makeup on the actors was really good. Overall, I'm a big fan of these types of games, and yours is one of the better I've seen. I only really had 2 problems with it.

-The timer took away a lot of the atmosphere because it puts the player in more of a "this is a game and I have a goal and a time limit" mindset, and doesn't let them really get into the game as if they were really in this creepy old mansion with these spirits.
-The ghosts popping out. Yes, I jumped at nearly all of them, but the only one that really SCARRED me was the one who DIDN'T pop out. (The one at the bottom of the stairs saying to leave him alone.) Things popping out and making a loud noise are good for a cheap jump or adrenaline rush, but not real "Shit, I'm gonna die in this place." terror.

Next time I'd say just let the player explore the area and complete goals at their own pace. The feeling of being trapped will do the work of making them feel like they need to hurry better than a timer. Also, more atmospheric scares like the little girl singing rather than sudden loud noises. You just set the seed and let the player's mind go crazy with anticipation of danger.

Other than that, great game, sir. You have done extremely well overall.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thanks so much. This is great feedback, we really appreciate your explanation of what works for you. We, too, like the subtle scare of letting the player's mind do all the work - but we also love to watch our friends jump out of their seats while they play. ;)
We'll definitely keep your comments in mind as we develop new projects.
Thanks again - and we're glad you liked the game!

This game actually made me jump. FIRST TIME. Good job.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thx! :)