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Reviews for "Cellar Door"

i had to change my pants O---O

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

hehe, excellent...! ;)

It won't allow me to click the stars, I blame Explorer...

Anyway, I agree with every positive comment that has been left so far (yes, I actually took the time to read them). The telephone is a nice trick, heh. I don't dare leaving my phone number. As several others, I was forced to play with the sounds off, because I don't need a panic attack this close to dinner time.

I love the realistic graphics, and yada yada as everyone else said. I don't mind the time limit, seeing as people would have to play it several times to get it anyway. And I see nothing wrong with that. It took me 6 tries to find all 10 marbles. That last one on the bottom floor is VERY clever, I think 98% misses that one, heh.

One critique I do agree with though, is that there should be more to it, than simply strolling around in a haunted house, looking for marbles. Though with the time, it's not really possible in this beta, so I'm very excited for the release of the new and bigger game you're making. I will be waiting on December 21st, that's for sure.

Thank you for a great experience.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

You're welcome. :) And thanks for the great response - there is definitely a lot more to look forward to... ;) Let us know when you get brave enough to turn on the sound... ;)

(You have to click on the faces at the left in order to give stars... ;) But you managed to give us 5 of them - thanks!)

Nice job!

Nice find of the abandonned place!

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thanks! Yeah, we're good at finding the creepy locations... ;)

It will not load? im not sure if its a bug? other games and movies work perfectly fine but this just doesnt load.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Did you try waiting a bit? We added an uploader, but we've noticed that it sometimes doesn't get shown when using Explorer. It is loading, though, and the game comes up after a moment...
Hope this helps...

I actually fell from my chair when I played this and stopped it after 2 minutes, because I'm getting kinda paranoid now... I am dead serious.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

We know how you feel - we get the same way...! X)