Reviews for "Wooden Rolls"

I'm going to have to give this a 2 / 1.5 stars. The reason being that while the game is simple and has a decent concept behind it I had to reload the page about 6 times before the Armor Games short would play through and the actual menu could load.

Now after that it seemed well enough, but then at about level 4 it took a huge jump that would prove to be extremely frustrating later on. That jump would be timing the smaller dowels to the larger ones. I would lose multiple points and couldn't finish one or the other due to accidentally completing one first utterly stopping the other. The timing needed for it basically left me uncaring to continue the game.

Maybe I'm just bad at it, but this idea seems to make it unplayable without a huge amount of luck. If there were a way to adjust this or at least keep the dowels from slipping when applying the clamp it may become more accessible.

A good idea, but one that still needs the kinks worked out I think.