Reviews for "Dr Whooves and Assistant"

Rules for being the doctors assisstant.
1: Don't ask stupid questions
2: Never wander off without permission.
3: Never hide any information from the doctor.

anyways I like the idea you did there making Derpy and Dr. Whooves partners and can't wait to see more.


this must go on.... endlessly...

I have always loved Dr. Whooves and I'm loving this video! I cannot wait for the next in the series, especially when he meets a Unicorn pony and sees Nightmare Moon! Keep it up!

The thing that I found out while watching mlp is that dr Whooves looks like a certan someone from that show. so he must be undertaking his own disguise so other ponies wouldn't get frightend? I hope your working hard on the other episodes because I can't wait, my hands are shaking while typing this! (wonder why I didn't do "hooves" instead of hands) From a fan of both doctor who and my little pony, Peace out!