Reviews for "Dr Whooves and Assistant"

Looks like it could be an interesting series. The interaction between Derpy and Dr. Hooves was entertaining. I can not speak in terms of how the characters are suppose to act as I know very little about Dr. Who and very little information released on Derpy's habits other than being a bit clutzy. The voices I will say fit the roles at the very least and hopefully a new ep will come out soon enough.

Great job. It was quite to see that you would make a great tribute to my little pony (Or parody, I don't know) and to make it one movie. It was quite funny how Derpy (Ditzy do) would have a talk with a doctor, but why did the whole thing make Derpy so smart meanwhile she has to be not smart. Anyways great job on the movie and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Happy to see part 2!

- BannedMadness

I think that this is an interesting concept and i would like it explored, but I think the movie was a bit too long.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

the sad part is they'll only get longer now that the 10 mb restriction has been doubled

(insert Luna pun here)

Wow, splendidly watchable ! Quite a believeable interaction between the Doctor and Derpy. Wonder if we'll see the level of colloquial conversation rise when he meets Celestia. You've got my attention. Let's see more.

Nice Animation! Very entertaining and funny! Good job.