Reviews for "Dr Whooves and Assistant"

Oooh, very very good. :D I'm not an animator so my ethos is weak, but I felt you did an incredible job with animating this awesome little radio play that these two cooked up. It could have been a little smoother, yes, but that is really just something one learns with experience and I will not nag on about it.

I came here from Equestria Daily, by the way. Oh hoh hoh

I liked the story, the animation was good, and the voices were fitting with good actors, but the actual sound quality left something to be desired for me. Don't get me wrong, it was very good and certainly nothing to decrease the rating over, but when for instance the Doctor first spoke it seemed to really hit my ears through my high-quality headset! Not sure if this is the microphone or the voice actor's inflection, but if that was tweaked I'd be even more entertained!

I've gone around Ng and seen many MLP parodies. They're all the same joke, "haha. The pony from this show intended for 6-year-old girls made a swear word and it's so funny." You, my friend, have managed to do what little people even TRY to do. You have created a parody that is able to stir off in it's own original direction. You've taken My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and made an original, well done, movie out of it. You didn't just redundantly name off every strange/funny thing about the show. For that, I congratulate you. Overall, the animation was good and you managed to incorporate the My Little Pony style very well. Felt the animation could have been a little smoother. Voice acting was great and I found it funny.

derpy as an assistant...he is doomed.

Very nicely done, and quite funny/ adorable. As someone who loves the show, I am much happier to see something like this rather than your cupcakes video. It's just a better use of your talent.