Reviews for "Dr Whooves and Assistant"

It's about time this animation is finished. Glad to see this fully animated.

The animation looks great, but the mouth moving during some of their voice overs looked a bit weird, but it's Flash Animation.

Their face reactions were hilarious to look at. Can't wait til you guys work on the next set.

Absolutely Fantastic! You did a great job on this, the quality is much higher than other things I have seen! I REALLY look forward to the rest of this! I really loved the audio series and you are definitely doing it justice! Keep up the awesome work and go make something 20% cooler!

that was an awesome renditio0n of an epic audio series

A nice story, great to see Doctor Whooves struggling with realizing where he is, who he is, and who Derpy is. Especially struggling with Derpy, even a doctor like him can't make that an easy task.

Not exactly on par with professional animation like in the actual show, but pretty awesome animation. That doctor doesn't know what he's up against making Derpy his assistant. XD Also, MUFFINS!!! I will have to say something about the voice quality, especially on Dr. Whooves. It sounds like I can still hear his voice reverberating from the walls. (Yes, that's a real word.) And I would know, I have the same problem. Still, keep up the good work, and I hope to see more non-hate FiM animations. ^-^