Reviews for "Night of the Loving Dead"

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and upwards atack would come in handy, but overally i liked the game and it story

I think the game is a bit too difficult, instead of three health points you should put four or five. But it's a good game anyway.

It's a solid effort there are a few issues however that you'll want to address. It struck me that the hit box for the player were at some times far too large, more often than not I was killed by a projectile that should have gone harmlessly over my head. The enemies too, were strange either giving chase sometimes or simply not at all other times. I think the enemies coding could use some fine tuning as well as player movement.

Otherwise, cute concept decently executed. Not a bad game.

The story and concept are nice.

When facing the first boss, after destroying two of its heads, the third head went below the ground, thus preventing any further progress. Not good.