Reviews for "Night of the Loving Dead"

I LOVE IT, good mix of challenge

8-bit-ish graphics (maybe 16-bit) = 2 stars (i love those graphics)
Shield recharges VERY fast = 3 stars

trihead and flesh eating monster are both quite hard = -0,5 stars

1. eazy mode that uses the tips below maybe?
2. make the flesh eating monster AND the vampire slower... i have a VERY BAD TIME attacking them... AND THEN THEY RECK ME.
3.make the flesh eating monster spawn less knights, I GOT REKT BY THOSE TWICE... i did it with 0 chances left... it was VERY close to a game-over.

nice, creative, and hard-ISH game that i personaly like, but there is A TON of room for imprvement...
try using my tips.

good job on this

It was really hard, so I'm very surprised that it only took me 1 continue to beat it. Kinda short too. Either way, it's good, excepting for the fact that you are a skeleton of old that filled its skull with the breains of some giant decapitated heads, his torso with a vampress' heart, and then coated himself in a blob of sentient flesh and then moonwalked out of the cemetery just for date. Oh wait no, that is the BEST part.

Very nice game man! really loved the way you made the levels, I go some castlevania vibes!