Reviews for "Toad in space"

still got it

im talking about the games of course for super nintendo im bout to devote the day to them rip battletoads rip

Battle Toads R Awesome!

You my friend, have good taste in old school videogames.

I actually remember that level!

Though I would post the actual sprite in the left hand corner small kind.

That way people know what it is based off of.

its simple

but i love your art.
i dont gonna put you 0 never ever ever mother fuckever.


Your lines are ill defined, creating a terrible mess for depth. On top of that, your perspective is terribly skewed with the board facing one way, and the character another. The base of the feet have two separate thicknesses to them. The one chest portion pushes past his jaw, while the other sinks in along with his lip. This made me pause and just go, Huh?

I really like your coloring and the overall concept, especially the simple floating effect by using the gradiant with the stars, but you really should redo this thing. I know that sprites are hard to work with from a base perspective, but that's the big challenge ulitmately. Hope to see more stuff soon.


random but cool