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Reviews for "Girls Bravo Sim Dating"

At face value, this is a nice diversion. I haven't had a chance to watch more than 1 episode of Girls Bravo myself, but I can see the time and care you put into this project. But it needs some improvements before it can function like a 5 star game:

- The voice acting is good for a start. You should invest into a higher end mic, as they produce great sound and clarity.

- I do applaud you for placing speech bubbles that aren't obstructing the character's themselves giving them variety, though common practice dictates that this approach in a story-driven date sim means ALOT of me moving all over the screen EVERY time I click to continue. I personally find this irritating because it takes away from the flow of the story and the mood you're trying to set with it.
[SOLUTION]: Maybe think about keeping one person dialogue in one place for the duration of their dialogue and work around that.

- Please, for the love of all living things, put your stuff through spell-check before posting it! I spent a good 40% of my time reading through grammar errors, obvious misspellings, and a ton of run-on sentences. Please understand, I played through the entire game and found it was enjoyable. But this is something MUST be fixed if you want people to take your projects seriously. I regretfully must take a star off for this..

Overall this has a lot of potential for the NG scene, so it would be wise to fix some of those things I mentioned and perhaps re-upload an update in the future. Thank you for reading, and have a pleasant day. :)

hulster responds:

well thanks for the review, and you are right about the points of critic i could work an the grammer.

Well I have to agree with Octane-Billy on a few things.

-The voice acting was alright but at times it sounded like the voice actors were just reading the script, for your next one have them add a little more feeling and emotion in their role. Investing in a better mic would be great to, i do think this a good start for your sim dating games.

-Personally i thought the moving arrows on the speech bubbles was really annoying. Next time try having the speech bubble and arrow in the same place for one character and then move it for the next character

-I wasn't really bothered by all the misspelled words but i recommend that for your next game that you have spell-check check your spelling so it doesn't bother other people.

-for future games I offer my skills and services so it doesn't take another year an a half. I do have my own mic and I'm pretty good at drawing. PM if your intersted.

hulster responds:

well actually that sounds really use full.
Do you prehaps want to help me with spell check on this game and maybe work on one in the future?
Of course you will recieve credit and co-author status for this.

Im a website maker i could help you improve hello you're speaking to the creator of adobe flash player.

hulster responds:

Well the voices and spelling could use some improvemend i have to admit.
youre the creator of Adobe flash ?

Not... Bad... But far from the best. No offense to you or anything, but the amount of typos I found in this flash made me want to punch my computer. I did, however, laugh at some of the random ass endings that occurred through the game. Hope to see more work. Hope you get even better at this.

hulster responds:

well thanks, and i still have to make an update to get rid of the typing errors :p

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