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Reviews for "Girls Bravo Sim Dating"

the stars above are for u and 4 friends doing it on ur own.i`m gonna have a game to upload soon but can`t say when cause i havem`t started.me and my dad are gonna try and put it together.
but must say that is impressive.so it`s a good game.so if anyone needs me i`ll be playing wasted youth.bye..

hulster responds:

Haha well thanks for the review and good luck with your game.
If you need some advise or help let me know.

I'm trying not to be too harsh because I can tell you did put a lot of work into it. However to be perfectly honest; it could use a lot of work. I see that you can draw, you just need to have less jagged lines and shade. I honestly didn't care for the voices, I think they actually took away from the game. The original voices are in Japanese so adding a French accent to it makes it seem strange. I've never watched the anime but I've watched plenty of other animes and I really doubt any of the voices sounded much like in the series. You're probably from Quebec or France, though so it can't really be helped. I just think that if you can't do/have good voice acting then none at all would have been better. A lot of the pictures were blurry or pixelated as well. I liked the concept of this game, it's very original. At least from what I've anyway. As I said I get the feeling that you worked on this game and I hope you continue to make more games and improve. I have much worse then your game. :)

hulster responds:

Well thank you very much for the review.
Haha but your comment is a bit off i'm not from french or Quebec :p
And the vioces are indeed a bit off the anime because the vioce actors arent the original vioce actors of course.
I also love anime and wanted to create something original, please check out girls bravo the animeted serie because it is one of the best anime's ever :)
Again thanks for the review

dude your doing great with this game BUT i gotta say the dude a few below me (lmfao) lolman-with-random-ass-numbers-in-you r-name, you are full of shit if you think anyone is gonna believe you made or helped make THE adobe flash player lol "Hello" pssssh please dude... Don't even know how to put a comma between improve and that smart ass Hello but yet YOU made Adobe.... i hate people who bullshit.... Great game though! keep it up lol

hulster responds:

Haha yeah i agree. I dident believe him :p
I dident accept his help he probebly just wanted to steal my project.

Thanks for the review

good game good game....

hulster responds:

Well thanks glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks for the review

lol shes a bad desert maker XD she make a nuck cake lol love it so far

hulster responds:

Yeah she could take some cooking lessons :p
Thanks for the review.