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Reviews for "Girls Bravo Sim Dating"

really bad

I'm sorry, but this does not look like a year and a half of work.
The art is poor, the voice acting is hard to listen to, and while I appreciate that you wanted to have voices in the game, you would have been much better off leaving them out.
Your spelling, grammar and punctuation are a mess, and a spell checker is incredibly easy to use.
There are several unbuyable items in the extras section.
You also have no idea what hentai is. Girls Bravo is ecchi, not hentai.
I enjoy the Girls Bravo series, and if I want to see some Girls Bravo ecchi I'll just go watch the anime again, since this game gives nothing new on that front.

hulster responds:

Thanks for trying to be helpfull but you abvously have no idea what a flash or girls bravo is.

First off you have to earn points by dating the characters so you can buy or view the stuff at the end, no offense but you must be not very smart even my 8 year old brother new that.

Secondly girls bravo is a little bit off hentai so i also made that into the game.
Please watch the anime and learn more about flash if you want to comment.

this better be good stuff or i am gonna be so pissed off.

hulster responds:

well i hope you enjoyed it.

sucks.....nothing like the show witch i watched

hulster responds:

????? its exactly like the show.

Well.. First of all I did enjoy the gameplay it was very original and cute. I always enjoy sim date games, especially if its based on my favorite anime :) But it does need some work to be honest. But keep it up, you'll be making games like a pro in no time :D
And if you want to check the Show out you can find it on Netflix. best invention evar!

hulster responds:

I always use animefuel but netflix is also pretty awsome.
Thanks for the review