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Reviews for "Girls Bravo Sim Dating"

...WTF did i just play?

hulster responds:

haha watch the serie an animefuel.com for more info about girls bravo

Not... Bad... But far from the best. No offense to you or anything, but the amount of typos I found in this flash made me want to punch my computer. I did, however, laugh at some of the random ass endings that occurred through the game. Hope to see more work. Hope you get even better at this.

hulster responds:

well thanks, and i still have to make an update to get rid of the typing errors :p

Girls Bravo is also my favorite anime ! Nice game :D

hulster responds:

Thanks for the review, when i have the time i will make an update

4.5/5. Really Liked It, Had Very Funny Moments And Some Sexy Ones As Well. The Dialogue Was A Bit Hard To Follow But Other Than That Was Very Fun. As A Game Reviewer I Re-did The Dates With Everyone Until I Played Through All Options, Watching Each Choice Unfold For Better Or For Worse. The Gallery At The Was Nicely Put Together And Has Pics From My Favorite Episode (The Bath House One) For Every Girl. Overall, A Must-Play Game For Any Fan Of The Show.
P.S. "OMG You Were Killed By A Laser-Shooting Tiger!!!"

hulster responds:

haha well thanks, you must be a really big fan of the show if you played trough all the options. Hopefully i find some time to update some things of the game.

Thanks for the review

hulster responds:
Thanks for trying to be helpfull but you abvously have no idea what a flash or girls bravo is.
First off you have to earn points by dating the characters so you can buy or view the stuff at the end, no offense but you must be not very smart even my 8 year old brother new that.
Secondly girls bravo is a little bit off hentai so i also made that into the game.
Please watch the anime and learn more about flash if you want to comment.

Wow insulting a person that much for his review? I went through the things to see if someone had already made the points i was going to make. No girls bravo isn't hentai. Hentai my dear boy involves sex, otherwise yes it's ecchi.
Beyond that i have to agree with Angelicdarkness' reply i just gave even less than them as your reply is just stupid.