Reviews for "War of the Web"

Okay Guys, this is it. Kongregate is crippling our bases as we speak. We need to team up to destroy Kongregate. If not, we will fall to the red ants and need to work for them to destroy the others. Unless we team up... HELP US DESTROY KONGREGATE!! But no matter the outcome, it will all end soon. + This if you agree.

Please, listen. WE NEED RESEARCHERS. Make allot of cities and launch sites in your base ONLY. if u want to do more than JUST researching, make a seperate account. ITS FOR THE GOOD OF NEW GROUNDS!! Or else the mighty tank will fall to the Red Ant: KONG...... HamzaSToor might be right

NewGrounders, You might have been attacked numerously by some fustrating and well known players of this game. LET ME WARN YOU THAT THESE ARE ALL ONE SINGLE GUY: -ASRP ARMORA -ghostofghostgod ARMORA -vanillaholic ARMORA -YSHTMkiller NEWGEO -NewRandomGuy NEW GEO -fan654fdf2 KONG I used to play this game a long time ago and i found this out. He is perhaps the oly attaking threat to new geo. the other players are mostly reserchers of kong. (muhammad46,meowingtime) SO i think u shud make EITHER a reserch only account or an attaking account. Its better not to put both in one. good luck!!!

great game...........but im converting to kong. sorry about that