Reviews for "War of the Web"

what can we do for winning??if anyone makes launch site this happens,it destroys to win we need to work by helping each other,like if any researcher is researching,we'll defend him as teamwork...we would help each otherand then i promise that well win

NO the Chat is not working these days due to broken servers.... To the new grounders, I wish to spread this message of not giving up.To wait for the rounds to come and meanwhile, to build their bases whether for research or attack. Other new-grounders will surely be there to help the new comers if they are facing any problem with being attacked every time they play. We might be building truces for the new comers and to stop the players who attack the weak. So just never give up. Lose, Win, but never.. ever.. give up!
-Legend ( active researcher)

Is chat not working? I use to play this, I came back and I can't seem to get the chat to work.

A great, great game which really made me addicted. But we never win and so i agree that we should research more.

HamzaSToor is entirely correct. No matter how boring it may be, we need researchers to win. A good setup is 8 level 9 cities and 5 level 9 launch sites. In addition, I can confirm that muhammad, along with everyone else on Hamza's list, are the same person, and the main threat.

For fighters, start off with 13 cities, then slowly level them up evenly until they're all level 9. After that, get 259,999 coin, then buy an armory and get 27-99 portable tanks. Once you get 259,999 coin again, you can build your empire. Strongholds adjacent to the center is a popular setup, but you'll need spy hubs if you want them to be useful.

Further reading: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/136-war-of-the-web/topics/319041-war-of-the-web-kong-guide-updated
It may be from Kong, but we don't have a choice.

Also, it has come to my attention that most people don't know what sabotaging is. When you spy on an enemy's empire, there's a chance of sabotaging and making their strongholds useless for one attack. Spy Hubs lower the chances of being sabotaged and raise the chances of sabbing an enemy empire.

We used to be powerful, and enemies would think twice before attacking us, afraid of our revenge. If we're destroyed, it's not all over yet, since once we rebuild we'll have wonderful +50% Personal Revenge and +33% Neo Revenge bonuses.

Pick your fights; stay away from those stronger than you and fight when you think you can win. You'll have bad days, but don't think it means you're terrible at the game. Experience is the best teacher, and all of us could use some experience losing. Now get out there and destroy Kong.

(Personally, I don't believe in guides, so I can help if something seems unclear.)