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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

Is it just me, or did I hear the "AAAAAHHHH!" from the second drop in supernova?

I've had this song stuck in my head for years, and now that I have an account, I figured I'd spill my opinion.

Overall, the mixng and mastering are quite good, certainly miles above anything you'd done before this. The whole track has a very climactic feel to it, and overall feels like it's building up to something.

The intro does a great job of establishing the mood of the piece. The gradual addition of instruments to the same melody helps the progression along and pumps you up for what's coming.of

Okay, now I'm going to be honest here: I actually like the first drop. Quite a bit, actually. It sounds quite interesting, keeping the same drum patterns from the buildup. As a whole, though, I think it needs more punch. A couple extra tracks or a more consistent drum pattern would probably help with that. I also think that the final leg of the buildup here is too quiet. Adding a louder and punchier drumbeat would help, much like with the actual drop.

The break is... Well, a break. It sounds a little muddy to me at times, but overall it's a nice halt in the action before it picks up again.

The second buildup fixes every problem I had with the first. There's more going on, the drums are louder, and the transition to the drop with the phaser bass is much better than the first. It works as both a break and a warning to prepare yourself for what's next.

Okay, I swear I had a sandwich in my hand before that drop hit.

Where do I begin with the second drop? Easily one of the greatest drops you've ever made. Eargasmic only scrapes the surface of this thing. This is beyond eargasmic. It's heavy, it's intense, and it's still vaguely melodic. It has a clear structure, but there's still variety in the different parts of it so it doesn't feel repetitive. Personally, I'd take this drop over Supernova. I may like that song more as a whole, but it definitely doesn't have this drop.

Oh right, there's an outro here. Almost forgot because of what was beforehand. It does a good job of decreasing the tension while still maintaining the dark, climactic atmosphere of the rest of the song.

That's about all there is to say, really. Compared to your newer songs, it's not really up there production-wise, but it's still just as enjoyable for other reasons. Aside from a few nitpicks, this is one of my favorite songs of yours, even after listening to it nonstop for 2 years.

Good song! Very dark

Bruh everyone's talking about magmatic sanctuary but no one gives attention to Fusion Z?

Cool track!