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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

i am cdox

agree with 8bit about the bassline - but that said its still sick as fuck like nemesistheory meets noisia. just a shame about the arrangement a bit, just it'll make it hard to drop in a set
plus while I liked the rhythm of the drop I think you could of added some rides or some kind of other rhythmic element to help carry it through

also I'm not usually a fan of drumstep so obviously I'd prefer the half time bit being there - but its obviously produced alot better than most tracks I hear on here so yeah
BIG UPS THE NG DNB FAMALAMALAM u should totes do more

some noobs might think the first drop was good but the second one just DWARFS the first one.
also i would call this "dark matter". :V

Love this song!

ye dis good