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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

Especially the mastering is so extremely well done. I'm so envious right now! Trying to get a good mastering for years already. Just when I thought I had a nice mastering it got completely denied by the beauty of yours. Absolutely fantastic! If you don't mind, could you give some hints on the mastering perhaps? For example, do you mix the track down by adding x plugin to the master channel? Or do you master everything separately. My tracks only use like a smidgin of the soundstage of my headphones. But your track sounds like it is all around me. Again, superb! 5/5 10/10, downloading it too. Great addition to my D&B en dubstep list.

While the sound design and mixing sounds pretty good, i couldnt help but feel the arrangement is over crowded and alot of the different sounds seem to just mesh into each other and not really have much impact because theres not enough space for them to breath. I like the pads and atmospheres you got going on, it does have that epic vibe, but there really needs to be more groove going on with the basses imo. Groove is not just about what you put in but also what you leave out.

Xtrullor responds:

Thanks for the input. This is definitely one of the aspects of music I've disregarded a lot, and it's time to fix it.

Dude. I've been ganking out hard on the Breakbeats/DnB lately, and this shit is sick.

I love the interlude bits you do, they really add to the atmosphere and the crunchy, extended bass hits in the interludes are awesome.

You've got this shit down, keep going and going hard.

Also do love the Dstep bits and how you still retain the breakbeat vibe in half time.


Perfect mastering and unique break. I love it!