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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

Does anyone feel a Portal/Uncharted crossover at the beginning? Either way, I love this song, it's so dark it gives me the shivers in such a good way :D I feel a little more background chords or something at the first drop would be nice to give it some real oomph (that would give it the 5 stars for me), but for the most part this is awesome :)

The second drop is totally Supernova.

I'd call this Drum 'N Brostep. It's amazing. kek

this is so amazing! i this is...um what. just amazing!

I love deh sp00ky pasta! Also I really like the duh-duh sound during the drop. I know nothing about music so there might be a name for it, but to me it will always be the duh-duh noise. fit mae.