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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

It feels kinda empty and all over the place, and the sounds seem to clash. It doesn't flow well and there isn't a lot of "song" in it. Maybe it would be better with a lead? At least it's atmospheric.

10/10 love the drop

The only criticism is that at the start, the three build ups to the 'baby' drop are kinda unrelated!
Then I heard the second drop, and my ears absolutely bled with happiness.
Possibly my favourite song from you.
Keep doing what you're doing.

Wow amazing drop just completed all geometry dash gauntlets this was my favorite

Imagine if Xtrullor and the old Skrillex made a collab! (old Skrillex means "before Purple Lamborghini")
i really like this one :D