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Reviews for "Xtrullor & Panda Party - Sheol"

Those ppl who LOVE Supernova please listen to this. It is insane.

in the beggining of the music i was thinking "kinda cool" and keep hearing. then came the first drop and i really liked it(i was jumping and "singing with the music" in my chair) and then came the second drop and i just went crazy. another very cool music from Xtrullor. im thinking to do a GD level with this song.

Pretty suspenseful. But amazing. Love it. Especially the second drop, that kinda freaked me out. Xtrullor, keep up the good work. Good job Xtrullor and Panda Party!

Xtrullor I was having a good and then I listened to this song and........ MY DAY BECAME AMAZING!!!!!!!!

The second drop sounded like somebody just died