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Reviews for "Abby"

Blow job from hell

nough said


It's weird with wonderful lightning.We like that. Two thumbs up.

DAMN........! GREAT JOB!

scary pic

bitch is sexy

is her head supposed to be a triceratops or something??

AbominableGod responds:

not supposed to be, there's a rough version of her i did thats a few submissions ago where there arent horns, but i referenced a triceratops fossil for some texture reference and i liked how the horns looked so i added them in. i guess with only 2 though its more a dualceratops.. shes not some dino woman though


I like the choice of colors and the lighting.. But now that the other guy made me think of it, it really wouldn't harm with a couple of nipples, it's completely natural and innocent ^^ I mean what would you guys think of a penis without a penishead? o.O