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Reviews for "Abby"

Itgod man, its god!

Very Nice Picture, that head + or -. But its god


I LOVE this piece of art. It's beautiful.

AMazing :)

reminds me of elfin lied the anime series

L O V E L Y!

Idk but this pictures seems really Sex E, i'd definitely Tap!

Incredible stuff

I love that mask man. The shading on the mask and the detail on the hair are extremely realistic. The only thing is how its just kinda by itself. There could be so much crap around it. You could build a world around this picture so easily.

AbominableGod responds:

I'm actually planning a world around her. Im the middle of another piece that will delve a little more deeply into what makes her, her. don't want to say too much yet though incase not everything goes according to plan with it all