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Reviews for "Abby"

Disregard BloodySloth's review

Giving you an extra high score to make up for Sloth's. Who says it's supposed to be alien? Perhaps it is a human in a futuristic setting? Or a human/alien hybrid?

Use your fantasy, man. This is a great piece of work.


Looks like lucy from elfen lied

Great mood piece...

...BUT, you need to work on your basics. The anatomy on this one is killing an otherwise beautiful, eerie piece of art. Obviously it's alien, but from the neck down your character is clearly supposed to be human-like and it just isn't working. That stuff just comes with lots of practice.

AbominableGod responds:

yeah anatomy isn't my best thing but i'm working on it. thanks for the feedback

woah 0.0

wow the shading and texture of this is undescribeable. this looks f'n realistic.one of the best artwork ive ever seen. i dont get how its rated 'e' tho.

Dark v. Light

I just can't decide which she is....
Good job!