Reviews for "Truckminator"

What can I say. AWESOME :P

This game is fun with all its achievements,unlockables,game modes and variety of enemies,however,maybe the controls could be a little more smoother and maybe an option to change the quality as everything is a little blurred.Anyway,good work on this.

I liked the concept but for some reason i kept getting locked up as in my steering kept going one way, If thats a ability a zombie has that would be great info in disclose like give a glossary of some sort that tells what each zombie does. besides that great job

The brick textures look awful. Looks as if you just took a random brick texture and used the crap out of the smudge tool in Photoshop. That way it looks unique. And believe me, it's obvious that's what you done. Once you realize that, you can't take this game seriously anymore.

the guns shoot to slow and i dont like the sound effects on the guns or when you shoot the zombies and Its not very exiting and i think it would be Much better if you could run the zombies over, have the zombies drive in the cars and and aldo the graphics arent very good