Reviews for "Hanger 2: Endless"

This is a fantastic and very addicting game.
Sweet concept, easy to grasp controls, and yet very difficult to master.
I found my self swinging my self full speed into the ceiling and making a lovely red mist explosion.
Endless mode is just icing on the cake too. Good job, and well worth me actually voting. lol

One thing though, I found my little guy folding up and then twirling when moving forward, turning into a human self blender. Maybe something worth looking into, or not. I'm no programmer XD

on eskimo i made up a song of the black snow man

"darky the snowman was a heartless pile of snow'
like if u get this stuck in ur head when u play eskimo XD

This game is great! Fun and entertaining!

I love the controls and the gameplay! Also, great work on the graphics!

ASmallGame responds:


I quite like this game. Even though its pretty easy to die, for me it makes the game more interesting.