Reviews for "Hanger 2: Endless"

i love playing thes games!!

Good, but gets frustrating. I found myself always ending with a head and an arm, so the game proved pretty difficult to me. There are also some obstacles such as that damn snowman in level 5 that would completely kill me on impact. I'd love to see a Hanger 3, but maybe with a difficulty system or upgrades with body armour and, as a person below said, a customisable character.

-Concept: I like the idea of swinging around endlessly on a rope. Personal weakness? (10/10)
-Art: I liked the art. Not much more to say here. (8/10)
-Story: I dont think its supposed to have a story. Wont count off for this. (?/10)
-Music: I really don't know, as I had it off the whole time. Won't average this up. (?/10)
-Gameplay: Pretty good. I ended up smashing my face before even getting off the first swing, but hey, that's just me. (10/10)
-Overall (Average): Good game, overall, but gets monotonous. (9/10)

Overall, a pretty good game. A few minor hiccups with the physics killed me instantly, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

If you make a number 3 I'd love to see stuff like a time trial mode and maybe a customizable character.